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gus Gordon Gus is founder and President of MindTG.. He possesses a unique combination of tertiary qualifications, industry certifications and practical experience. He has been training and consulting in the Information Technology field since 1992. His professional experience includes rapid integration specializing in streaming applications and protocols, multi-tiered and e-commerce site development using Microsoft solutions, internetworking optimization, and content delivery technologies. He holds a degree in Telecommunications and Social Philosophy as well as industry certifications including Microsoft, Cisco, Security and Unix.
deep Deepak is a technical leader with a proven track record for execution. He has managed engineering, operations, and analysis personnel to accomplish company goals on or ahead of schedule. Successes with raising communication levels between departments to foster effective service and product implementation. He is known for producing best possible solution in shortest period of time.
jeff Jeff is a technologist with extensive knowledge pertaining to the Internet, Intranets, streaming media, and programming. His involvement with streaming media for 6 years has given him the advantage of working with emerging technologies and varying customer profiles. Strong communication skills allow me to work on all sides of business, which includes engineering, sales, marketing, and client support. Primary technology and business strengths include the following.
dave Dave is a lead application designer for LAMP and .NET platforms. He has extensive experience in security and database application design and GUI design. Other work indcludes network optimization for media and automation development.
jose Jose is a heads-down no nonsense programmer who has specialized in interactive and social networking applications. He has worked for several top development companies and has been a leader in innovation regarding the use of rich media in social Web 2.0 applications. His background includes Java and .NET framework n-tier design and development as well as mobile WAP site and applications for mobile.


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