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You know that to enable search engines to find your site and list it in their search results, it should be properly optimized to allow the search engine spiders to find it.

But have you heard about the next step in traffic generation? Social media marketing (Social bookmarking) And without it, you could well be missing out on a trick that will allow you to generate even more visitors than you have already.

SMO on the other hand, stands for social media optimization, and it's a fairly new advance in generating qualified web traffic to your site. The word "qualified" is the key to getting customers and sales for your products. To really make a success of your website, you need visitors who are interested in what you have to offer.

This is exactly what social media optimization aims to do.

Social media refers to the numerous communal websites that exist all over the world on the web. Forums and sites such as YouTube, Digg, Technorati,, and Stumbleupon are just a few examples. Sites such as these are hugely popular and gain a huge amount of recognition as well as traffic. So it's no small wonder that people in the know are looking to utilize that traffic and presence to boost the popularity of their own sites.
Therefore, social media sites are a way for people all over the world to share information and ideas with each other. They are also a perfect vehicle for your own ideas and your own website. For example, if your site is concerned with selling on eBay - how to do it, what to sell, how to reach PowerSeller in record time and so on - you would find appropriate social media sites that have people on there with similar interests.
And, if you put a signature under your name with a link to your site included (which you should be doing pretty much everywhere you can), your site will start to enjoy more traffic as a result.

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•    Manual submissions by an experienced editor.
•    Guaranteed inclusion.
•    Top Social Networking websites.
•    All sites are PR2 to PR8.
•    Includes receipt for all submissions.

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