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Services Offerred by Mind Technology Group

MindTG offers web services for just about every situation. From rapid weg site development to end to end internet marketing and management, MindTG has the skillset necessary to make your web presence successful.


Website Creation & Promotion
  Finding the right Internet Marketing partner is integral to the success of your Web site. With MindTG, you can be rest assured that the internet marketing services you will receive are of the highest quality and ethical standards.
  • Custom & Template Website design
  • Joomla and Drupal Themes
  • Achieve website visibility
  • Article Promotion
  • Press Releases
  • Forum and Message boards
  • Web copy creation and editing
  • Blogging
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Link Building Campaign
  Ethical, effective link building services will ensure your site ranks high and is relevant to Search Engines, increasing online visibility and drive traffic to your site.
  • Increasing link popularity
  • Increasing page rank of your website
  • Deep Indexing
  • Increasing website visibility
  • Increasing traffic to your website
  • No links from FFA Listings
  • No links from link farms
  • No JavaScript links
  • No links from banned websites
  • No sub-domain sites
  • No Redirect Links
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Directory Submission Services
  Directory Submission Services
Directory submissions are a great way to attain high traffic and boost business online.
  • We do manual directory submissions to give your business a competitive edge
  • We use SEO-friendly meta tags and description text to attract both searchers and search engines.
  • We take extra care to ensure that submissions are done in the right category
  • We will keep you informed through our timely submission reports.
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Social Bookmark Services
  Social Bookmark Services
Social bookmarking is a unique way of finding, managing and sharing high-quality and relevant links.
  • We help you get high quality, targeted traffic through social bookmark services.
  • We submit web pages to top social bookmarking websites, such as, Digg, Reddit, etc.
  • See your website appear in top listings through our top class social media optimization services.
  • Let your web users find you on social bookmarking websites and benefit from qualified web traffic.
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Article Submission Services

Article Submission Services
Content publicity is a great way to reach out to your potential customers and enhance your website's search engine rankings.

  • We do manual article submissions on quality article syndication sites in suitable categories.
  • Our article submission packages will help improve your website's link popularity, page rank and web traffic.
  • Article submissions will also reinforce your web presence, improve conversion rate and increase ROI.
  • We will send article submissions reports regularly.
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Deep Links Submissions

Deep Links Submission Services
Submitting just your home page to various web directories is not enough as all key pages of your website need to get noticed by your customers.

  • We target best directories while doing submissions to give your business a better exposure.
  • We will manually submit your key inner pages to top directories to enhance their visibility.
  • We use keyword-rich titles and descriptions for utmost search engine benefit.
  • We will send regular deep link submissions reports too.
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Blog Submissions
  Blog Submissions
Blog submissions help you reach out to your users apart from helping you attain good quality inbound links.
  • We do manual blog submissions taking off the burden of filling cumbersome forms off your plate.
  • We target relevant and high-quality blogs that are visited by your potential customers.
  • Our blog submissions will help promote your products and services and create a brand image.
  •  We will send blog submissions reports so that you are always updated about project progress.
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Paid Dir Submission Charges

Paid Web Directory Submissions
Paid directory submissions are a good source of quality traffic as they reinforce your link building campaign.

  • We will submit your website to top quality paid directories in the relevant category for best results.
  • We know your online marketing goals and do manual submissions to help your site appear in top listings.
  • We will send paid directory submissions reports so that you are always updated about project progress.
  • More submissions will drive more traffic and boost rankings, so choose the right package.
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Facebook Page Promotion
  Facebook Web Page Promotion
You can find friends, business associates and customers through MySpace web page marketing.
  • We will do manual directory submissions and help increase visitors to your Facebook web page.
  • We do Facebook web page promotion only on quality, SEO-friendly web directories.
  • Facebook promotion will help in search engine indexing, increasing page visibility and traffic.
  • We will send Facebook web page promotion reports.
  • Contact MindTG professionals today!
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YouTube Page Promotion
  YouTube Web Page Promotion
YouTube is the most popular video sharing website with millions of unique viewers each day.
  • We will help you increase YouTube page views by doing all the hard work needed.
  • We do manual submissions to help you get maximum leverage.
  • We target only high traffic, SEO-friendly web directories to help you improve YouTube video popularity.
  • We will send YouTube web page promotion reports.
  • Contact MindTG professionals today!
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PPC Search Engine Marketing
  PPC search engine marketing or PPC advertising can give your site quick online visibility and drive traffic to your site.
  • Our PPC advertising services include keyword research and analysis to find most significant keywords for PPC.
  • We are expert at PPC bid management and campaign setup and ensure that you get maximum advantage from every dollar spent.
  • We create keyword-rich PPC ads with the right marketing tone to drive high-quality, targeted traffic.
  • We do landing page evaluation and analyze traffic too.
  • We closely monitor your PPC campaign and also track Return on Investment.
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Press Release Promotion
  Press Release Marketing & Posting
Gain competitive edge by getting noticed by your existing and potential customers, clients, business associates and partners through Press Release promotion.
  • We will manually submit your press release to top-quality PR submission websites.
  • PR promotion will let more people know about the latest events, promotional offers, or new product/service, etc.
  • PR submissions will help attract more traffic and increase business credibility.
  • We will send timely press release submission reports.
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Video Upload & Marketing
  Video Upload & Video Marketing
Videos are viewed by millions daily and are a powerful, high-impact online marketing medium that can help you reach wide audience with minimum investment.
  • We will upload your videos manually to popular video sites that will help in business promotion.
  • Our submission experts will take care of the metadata and video category for best results.
  • We will send Video Upload & Video Marketing reports.
  • Buy this video uploading and marketing package and get rid of filling forms besides other hassles!
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Search Engine Optimization
  Search Engine Optimization Services
Search engine optimization is very essential if you want to survive in today’s cut-throat competition and reach your potential customers.
  • We do initial analysis, competitive analysis and keyword analysis of your website.
  • We do code optimization i.e. optimizing titles, meta
    tags and HTML code.
  • We can also create SEO-friendly website design.
  • We do content optimization making it key-word-rich and also create fresh content, if need be.
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