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Paid Directory Submission

What we can do for you:

You can review any of the paid directories list, provided by MindTG on this service offering page. You choose directories, and you pay us the sum of the directory fees and MindTG Service fee per submission.

We will do a great job for you. These paid directory submissions must be done correctly, so why not let us do it for you?

We Do NOT Accept nor Submit:

1- Gambling or Online Casino Websites.
2- Any Adult Websites Including Adult Toys & Products.
3- Websites with Any Illegal Content or Illegal Products.
4- Websites with Any Offensive Material to others Content.
5- Websites with Any:
Criminal/Racist/Sexist/Racial/Degrading Religious Offensive Content
6- Any AdSense Websites.
7- Any Make Money from Home or not (Get Rich) Schemes Websites.
8- Any Websites with NO Original Content.
9- Any Pills & Buy Online Medication Websites.

If you are not sure to what paid directories you need to submit your site and at what rate or how many per week or per month to submit to – then get in touch with us and let us provide you with a free consultation.

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