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Video Production & Marketing

What we can do for you:

Promote your Videos NOW! Get the views and rating for your videos!

•    Increase your Video views.
•    Expand your videos exposure and ratings.
•    Increase your traffic and video popularity.
•    Save yourself the time and effort.
•    We will manually submit-upload your video to the TOP Videos Sites in the world.

NOTE: This package does not include providing Video content. If you want video to be recorded by us, then you need to purchase that service separately

Service highlights

•    We will create you an email so we can:
•    Create you your own Accounts for the Video Sites.
•    We will manually upload your video to the video sites.
•    We will manually insure that your video is accepted in each site.
•    Top Video Websites such as Google, YouTube, AOL, MSN

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