MIND Tech Group

Data-Driven Agile Marketing & Growth Hacking

MIND Technology Group provides digital marketing solutions using the latest agile development and “growth hacking” practices. We offer a robust set of digital marketing services for the small to medium sized companies. Service packages include Link Building, PPC Advertising, Manual Directory Submission, Article Submission, Blog Submission, Social Bookmarking, and Video Marketing.

Whether big or small, established or a start up, we can help your company create break out growth through a proven process of “Ideate – Prioritze – Test – Anlayze – Repeat” (IPTAR). Using the latest capabilities in big data analytics, this methodology has never been more scientific and measurable and is now accessible to even small companies. But the lastest tools and technuques are not enough. Unlike other digital marketing firms, we understand this only works if the whole company embraces a data-driven, customer centric culture.

et top rankings, increased web traffic and increased ROI. We know the best SEO strategies that will make your website appear in top rankings so that it is found by your potential customers. Get in touch with MindTG team of SEO experts today to help strengthen your online business.

If you want to improve your web presence, we can help you g

Our team has a broad range of marketing, project management, data science and development experience for startups and large corporations. Our mission is to help our clients through professional services in the design, development, deployment, and operation of web site, web media and marketing technologies. In addition to the practical applications of websites, we also specialize in the major e-commerce and microcommerce platforms.

Our professional services team consists of marketing consultants, project managers, system architects, SEO/SEM experts and web engineers. Our team possesses an excellent understanding of the social networks and digital media markets and are some of the most experienced hands-on professionals in the world.

Digital Media Specialists 

MindTG is a pure digital media marketing and data analytics agency. We concentrate on achieving our clients’ business objectives through our mastery of the digital media mix. To our clients, we are strategic thinkers that use digital media to advance their business goals and objectives.

Planning, Buying & Stewardship 
Our specialists, versed across the entire range of digital media marketing technologies and trends, are focused on planning, buying and stewarding all of our campaigns in order to provide measurable results that relate back to your business objectives. Find out more about our online display and video advertising services.


Search Engine Marketing
Search is an integral part of any digital media marketing campaign. Our specialists go beyond mastering search marketing as a direct response vehicle to engage the medium as an opportunity for brand building, offline media effectiveness measurement, and online reputation management. Learn more about our Pay-per-click search engine marketing and search engine optimization expertise.


Mobile Marketing
The trends in online media marketing of today are rapidly becoming the current and future trends in the world of mobile marketing. Whether it is  making your offline media more measurable and interactive, or achieving your marketing, advertising and sales objectives through the mobile platform, MindTG has the experience, relationships and technology to help you effectively navigate this coming boom in digital media. Read more about the trends in mobile marketing, our mobile marketing capabilities and our experience in mobile.


Web Analytics 
MindTG is the only agency to sit on the Standards Committee of the Web Analytics Association. We combine the power of Web analytics with other third-party measurement systems to ensure that every online media tactic is positively moving the needle for our clients’ business goals and objectives. View our Web Analytics services.

MindTG’s consultant’s are extremely knowledgeable and have experience working with the leading videoconferencing, streaming and SEO products and vendors. Harnessing this knowledge in combination with the extensive analysis of your organization’s structure, MIND consultants are able to conduct an objective product and vendor evaluation; recommending the most appropriate product or combination of products to achieve your objectives. We can also assist with strategic planning, business development and ROI/TCO analysis.